We all live in an era of change. And we are sure that any changes should be for the good and should always be achieved by diplomatic methods. Always in the name of peace and life.
Soldier Ape Squad is a collection of NFTs on the SOL Blockchain.
This collection is created against war anywhere in the world.
Images of apes will remind you of the importance of a peaceful
blue sky overhead every time you look at them.
P.S. - If you are also against any war and for world peace, join us.

Please, remember that the final size of the collection will be 10,000. When we achieve 10K sales all other NFT tokens will be burned!

Every holder gets the new additional NFT from the upcoming collection. The collection will be highly valuable because we cooperate with other top collections.
You will be able to mint it at a 0 price.

10% SOLD
From this point sales from each third token sold goes to the UN Refugee Agency. Our team is against the war and we will help to deal with the consequences. We also make a 125 SOL donation to this fund straightaway.

20% SOLD
We start our Discord Server and launch Treasury Hunting even with a total prize of 250 SOL. 50 NFTs will be distributed to the holders through Giveaways and different competitions. We will be listed on the Rarity. Tools.

The team makes a full reveal!

50% SOLD
We are initiating staking and token development. From this point it will take us a month to start distributing token to the holders.

100% SOLD
We have many incredible ideas on project's bright future. DAO will be launched right after the collection is sold. We publicly share the Memorandum of the DAO to the holder.
The Roadmap
Developer / Co-Founder
Responsible for maintaining all the project's activities and setting up all the processes. The team lead.
Ape Jack
Creative Director/Co-Founder
The lead investor and product manager. Invested in our project in addition to many top NFT projects. Responsible for attracting new business partners and hiring the team.
Ape Vera
Artist / Co-Founder
The professional artist. She works in top USA companies as a Lead Designer. You can see her design in many website and applications.
Web3 Enable Team
The agency that inspired us and helps with the marketing. You can follow them and learn more about NFT and Web3 topics.
The team
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